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Price List/Service Fees

Browse below for a list of our service fees. Please note that each application is unique and prices may vary. Prices listed below do not include government or third party fees (e.g. application fees, biometric fees, medical fees ect). Book a consultation for a detailed assessment.

Click the service links below for more information

Application Type
Professional Fees
$25 CAD
$40 CAD
$50 CAD
Starting from $150 CAD
$650 CAD
$1000 CAD
$1500 CAD
$1500 CAD
Super Visa
$1500 CAD
$2000 CAD
$2265 CAD
$2500 CAD
$3000 CAD
Temporary Resident Permit
$4500 CAD
$5000 CAD
Business Investors
$35,000 CAD
$3500 CAD
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